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Leadership Fellowship

Engaging a diverse group of participants from underrepresented populations to actively participate in mentored didactic and experiential educational activities to acquire the leadership competencies necessary to promote and achieve the strategic imperatives of AIM-AHEAD.

Research Fellowship

Enable early-career researchers to actively participate in biomedical research that involves the use of AI/ML methodologies on biomedical research data, clinical, and genomic cohorts to address health disparities and inequities, including bias in AI/ML algorithms or data.

AIM-AHEAD Training Practicum (PRIME)

An NIH-funded training program that focuses on developing skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) applications on health disparities.

Professional Development Program

Provides training opportunities to current and future healthcare professionals, especially underrepresented minorities from their respective institutions, for a structured professional development program in AI/ML and health equity.

Federated Network

Program allowing patient level-data to stay at the local site and the ability for sites to opt-in to participate; allowing for more diverse data and research while promoting data privacy and safety.

**COMING SOON** Data and Infrastructure Capacity Building (DICB)

Designed to develop workforce capacity and increase opportunities for underrepresented institutions to participate in the development and operations of AI and data infrastructure.

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